Illustrative Design
to empower Changemakers

Illustrative Design

Being unapologetically yourself, no matter what, is what makes you and your brand stand out. And I’m here to help you do just that.

Using the versatility of illustrative design we can tailor your visuals to fit your brand personality, aligning them perfectly with your intended message and audience.

1. The Universal Language;

We tend to forget that the one thing that connects us all is emotion.

By directly addressing feelings and needs, we encourage empathy and emotional connection. It’s not about what it does, but about how it makes us feel.

Learn how emotions give color to content

2. Creating Meaning:

Providing context and nurturing understanding, stories throughout history have given meaning and purpose to our lives. And better yet, they always will.

Learn how stories are essential in creating meaning

3. Keeping It Simple;

To communicate clearly you need focus; to direct every line, shape and composition towards the intended message, narrative and emotion. A bit of a cliché, but less is definately more. 

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